Behind The Scenes of Blessed’s ‘Howlin’ Video Shoot


Blessed are a talented Pop duo from South East London who are on currently on their journey to musical successs. On Wednesday 20th June, the duo consisting of sisters Lauren and Georgia Morgan suited up for their brand new music video. The visuals on the day were filmed for their anticipated single Howlin, which will be featured on their upcoming 3-track EP arriving before the end of the year.

Location 1: Thamesmead

Blessed met with the day’s crew and started filming in Thamesmead. The first location offered a scenic view over Southmere Lake. This was also where a scene in Misfits was shot. While there, a seamless 360° shot of Lauren was taken as she took a stroll lakeside while rocking an unmissable red jacket off the shoulder. After a few takes while manager Sarah Williams and co were in short distance watching from the monitor, it was time to head off to the next location.


Location 2: Stratford

On a footbridge in short distance from West Ham’s new stadium in Stratford (formally the Olympic Stadium) another 360° piece was shot but this time featuring Georgia stepping in-front of the lens. Towards the end of filming at this location, proceedings were almost spoiled by rain courtesy of England’s bipolar weather. However the shots were completed and Blessed along with the crew made their way to the third and final location.


Location 3: BMA House Conference & Events Venue

Upon arrival Blessed embraced their new surroundings located at the BMA House Conference & Events Venue (British Medical Association) with an outfit change – switching their look from fashionable street swag to classy and elegant. In favour of their fur jackets put together with knee-high heels, it was only right that a brief photoshoot was in order while setup commenced. Following the crew’s setup, a vintage car in the form of a Jaguar E-Type (1964) arrived on set – seen driven in the official video by Lauren with Georgia in the passenger.

By the time the car shots were finished, darkness was upon us and the next step was to make our way inside to shoot the party scene. This required Lauren and Georgia to change their outfits for the final time. Utilising a luxurious room cleared of most furniture, Blessed got into formation amongst a selection of their friends and a couple of cdancers to film the final bits. Although it was a long day, the dances were executed in sync with the electric energy needed to deliver a stunning music video.

View more photographs from the Howlin video shoot below.

Photographs were taken by Luke Diboll. Find more of his work here.

Click here to access Blessed’s most recent EP See Through All The Colours released through Island Records.

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