Live: J Hus Takes The Roof Off Brixton’s O2 Academy #CommonSenseTour

Wednesday, 15th November 2017

Photograph was taken while performing 'Bouff Daddy'

The tenth date of J Hus’ sold out Common Sense Tour brought him to Brixton in South London. This was the Stratford-born artist’s first time headlining in the capital. Upon entrance to the Brixton Academy O2 on Wednesday 15th November fans were greeted with white J Hus wrist bands and had the opportunity to purchase merch before walking to the main stage.

Following a DJ set that blended past and present hits from Drake’s The Motto to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow and Drake x Giggs’ KMT, it was time for the tour’s supporting acts. The first to hit the stage was DC who quickly grasped the crowd’s attention with his slick rhymes and flows. The energy crew NSG were next bringing lit vibes and the last supporting act Nottingham’s Young T and Bugsey performed 4×4 as well as their hit Gangland, both of which had the crowd turnt in anticipation for J Hus.

Following a lengthy wait while the DJ spun tune after tune, the white curtains lifted revealing an impressive theme-driven stage. A huge bucket hat resembling the Common Sense album cover with 2 Mercedes Benz prop cars either-side was there for all to see with the headlights beaming into the audience. The suspense was at breaking point until the bucket hat opened and J Hus walked out flexing his muscles while Common Sense – the first off the album played. What followed was a night to remember as he performed a large portion of the album’s 17 songs and brought out some very special guests.

During one of the album’s most popular songs Mash Up, MoStack appeared to perform his verse followed by Fisherman which had the crowd going mental. MoStack then briefly stole the show with one of his biggest tunes to date Liar Liar and without warning Krept then Konan came from the shadows rapping their verses of the hit remix. As South London’s fire duo were on stage it was only right that next up Get A Stack from their new project 7 Days was played as well.

As you can imagine the crowd were overwhelmed at this point, but J Hus had one more trick up his sleeve. I’m not psychic, but when the instrumental to Samantha began I know everyone in the venue was thinking the same as me “I hope Dave comes out” and he actually did! The energy at this point was unmatched. J Hus then stopped to perform an exclusive new song, but before doing so had the crowd recite the chorus.

The concert was an amazing night – proving the album’s quality as a project that can be an intimate listen through headphones or a rollercoaster of turnt vibes and smooth sounds for a whole arena to enjoy. The Common Sense Tour really highlights J Hus’ career at this point and will be one to remember beyond the music. The stage production in Brixton that night was crazy. The wrist bands given to fans at the beginning wasn’t just for show either. It would light up in different colours for certain songs, which was a nice touch.

The show ended with Hus giving a sincere thank you to the crowd. Soon Europe will be able to enjoy a similar experience.

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