Hood Politics – Favourite Songs of 2017

A collection of our favourite songs released in 2017

First Things First, Happy New Year!

It’s only right that we use January 1st, 2018 to look back at the past year of music. 2017 was an eventful 12 months with a countless amount of great singles released by some of the most talented artists at present. The team at Hood Politics has put together our favourite songs from the year so check them out below.


DNA: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s DNA is an unapologetic track that embodies lyrical excellence from start to finish. In my opinion this is Kendrick at his best. Aggression is just one emotion that he is able to tap into through his music and with his album DAMN. he’s pretty much covered all of them. Kick-staring the song with “I got loyalty – got royalty inside my DNA” rapped with such intensity, the song is an empowering one and if that wasn’t enough, at the 2 minute mark the beat switches and we’re given lyrical slaughter from TDE’s star artist. The music video is just as grabbing as the song itself topped off with a powerful cameo by actor Don Cheadle.

Peligro: Giggs ft. Dave

As the end of 2017 began to draw near, Giggs’ Wamp 2 Dem arrived and the ever-growing UK Scene was met with features from 2 Chainz, Young Thug and Popcaan. For me, Dave’s inclusion being featured on Peligro made for a standout track that encapsulated London street raps with slick flows and rhymes. The coming together of the Landlord Giggs and young prodigy Dave is definitely one of the best UK collaborations of the year.


My Collection: Future

Future had an amazing 2017. Not only did he achieve back to back number 1 albums, but he saw himself elevate his career to new heights and truly become one of the most favoured Hip-Hop artists in the world. My Collection from his HNDRXX album was definitely one of his best songs throughout the year as it used melodic sounds to capture Future’s rawness and female prowess.


Love Galore: SZA ft. Travis Scott

The R&B vibe, the drawn out synths and SZA’s melodic charms makes this one of the best tracks on her debut album CTRL. She is unapologetic within the track, her lazy vocals screaming confidence and black girl magic while simultaneously dashing facts. “You’ll do whatever I want, get whatever I need.” Travis’ feature elevates the song with his melody taking it to the next level while his verse is paired beautifully with SZA’s lyrics; “last time I checked you were the one that left me in a mess.” The track went platinum and SZA made 2017 her own.

Future: Mask Off

Percocet, molly, Percocet.” Laid back drug references paired with an unforgettable jazz flute melody courtesy of Metro Boomin makes for one off the waviest tunes of 2017. Future is at his best when he’s on chill, yet this track manages to get crowds of thousands hype af. The catchy lyrics and wavy vibe accentuate each other so well that Future’s autotuned vocals merely lifts the track to heightened greatness.


MotorSport: Migos, Cardi B & Nicki Minaj

Though not the most thought-provoking song to be released in 2017 or the most lyrical song by the collective, MotorSport produced by MurdaBeatz still finds a way to race into any conversation when revisiting memorable collaborations from 2017. Once the Bad and Boujee hit-makers announced they were teaming up with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj the Internet exploded with shock and excitement. MotorSport released on October 27th sped up the US Billboard Charts and had Hip-Hop heads everywhere debating who had the best verse. Once the synths open the track it becomes clear that the Migos had created yet another hit. From the hard-hitting bass and infectious beat to the catchy tongue and cheek lyrics such as “If Nicki would show me her Titty right hand on the Bible I swear I won’t tell”. MotorSport and its accompanying video secures its seat as one of the notable moments in Hip-Hop from 2017.

Sky Walker: Miguel ft. Travis Scott

Sky Walker marked the comeback for the Grammy Award winner Miguel after taking a two-year break since his last album Wildheart. Released on August 24th, Sky Walker produced by Happy Perez and Miguel led to a departure from Miguel’s previous sound and showed his ability to make an upbeat record. The relaxed chilled 80s synths matched with the Trap beat takes you on a psychedelic ride whilst Miguel brings a new depth to the “don’t let the haters get you down” type record with comedic lyrics such as “I’m Luke sky-walking on these haters” and “I’m outstanding so I stand out”. The prolific hit-maker Travis Scott is welcomed to the celebration opening his autotuned-laced verse with “Wildin’ on my haters, in my 23s having a Jordan moment” leaving the listener feeling trippy and carefree before Miguel opens his second verse testifying “I was good then, but I’m better now”. Sky Walker should find itself in the Top 5 of anyone’s 2017 playlist just for knowing how to get the right balance of cockiness and self-confidence alone.


The Weekend: SZA

As soon as you hear her nostalgic voice you instantly get transported into another world. The sensuous Goddess brings back that old skool R&B soundtrack that we all love to vibes to and only SZA can make you feel like being a sidechick is something to be proud of. This tune right here is definitely my all time favourite from this year and the storyline behind it is cheeky but relatable at the same time. There’s something gratifying about an artist who can keep you satisfied, whilst including elements of female empowerment on a musical tapestry with different elements of music from Indie to R&B and Hip-Hop.

Yu Zimme: Lisa Mercedez x Ms Banks x Stylo G 

It wouldn’t be acceptable if I didn’t choose this riddim right here!
When two Bad B’s link up you already know its going to be a shut down, especially when Lisa Mercedez and Ms Banks link up for another remix to Stylo G’s single Yu Zimmie and of course it’s filled with female finesse. The two take turns to tell us that they are in charge of the scene in this All Star Remix and know exactly what to do to make any man fall in love with them and shower them with money. Everything about this tune will make it hard for you not to move your waist to the beat and even Nicki Minaj couldn’t get enough.


4:44 – Jay Z

We’re talking about the lyrical legend, in my opinion, GOAT. 4:44 was the song of the year for me as it brought something different to air that wasn’t around at that time. He was able to lyrically take us on a path of his marriage and family with this song, it was just like reading a book. The song was excellently well produced with his boom bap beat & well-chosen samples, we wouldn’t expect anything less from an HOV song. Hopefully, he can continue to bring more songs just like this one!

Drew Barrymore: SZA

A song amongst several other songs of the highly anticipated album CTRL, which blurs the line of genre. This song plays with dark content which hides well under the playful tone of the song. Often suggestive of dysfunction, I love how it is unapologetic and raw about some of the insecurities females face. SZA in a way uses the medium of music and film to expose her mental processes in a surreal way.

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