‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’; First Listen Hype

The first listen hype of Quavo and Travis Scott's long-awaited collaboration

Hip-Hop is reputable for its competitive connotations, rife with antagonism and opposition alpha males who hit hard and low to preserve titles and score points. One cornerstone aspect of the genre however, is when this competition falls away to make space for projects that combine the skill and dexterity of individuals to give us some of the most memorable musical moments. Collaborations are part of the fundamental foundations of the incomparable craft of Hip-Hop and 2017 has seen an elevation in joint projects bringing us the most notable and unique fusions, from single tracks to full length albums. Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimey, 21 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin’s Without Warning and collab with Metro entitled Double or Nothing are probably the top examples of recently released projects from the today’s creative heavyweights. This thrilling trend has now given Hip-Hop fans a long-awaited Christmas gift with the release of Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho from Quavo and Travis Scott.

Having crossed paths on a number of occasions throughout their respective careers, it seems Travis Scott and Quavo only owed it to us and to the culture to pair up. Rumours sparked last December and were then reignited this April but for a while it seemed as if we weren’t ever going to see the project. With our hopes raised for another collab that wouldn’t come to fruition we’d have to chalk up another L for 2017.

Thankfully that’s not the case. Zane Lowe, the Apple Music guru himself, was privy to confirmation from Quavo that the project was in the final stages of production. “We’ve been sittin’, marinating, working. It’s done, it’s off for mixing. So you know when it’s done for mixing, it’s ready to go.”  This is a Christmas gift for fans of either artist or both as the album dropped a few hours ahead of schedule. Features from the remaining Migos members and production credits courtesy of Metro Boomin, Murda and Mike Dean, on paper the album sounds like any new school Hip-Hop fan’s wet dream.

At first listen it takes me a while to calm down enough to focus on the tracks. A project like this demands full attention to more than just the initial vibe you catch upon first hearing it. Consideration must be given to the flow, the spotlight given to the two artists, and the fusion of the two of them together. Back in 2016 I wrote that Travis would be one of the industry’s ‘Rap Gods’; think Drake, J. Cole, Kanye etc. La Flame may still be developing but he’s progressing at a phenomenal speed. Earlier this year, just before rumours peaked about this coming album, I wrote about Migos but highlighting Quavo as a major star in his own right.

The fact that the two individuals have joined forces excites me, not only because it means that two of my favourite artists are on the same wave, but the end product being Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is impressive. The first couple of listens had me hyped up as you would imagine as the lyrics are memorable and the beats are promising. However, time should be dedicated to an album of this potential calibre. The intricacies need to be investigated and probed on a deeper level to fully judge the impressiveness of the project, and they will be.

Stay posted for a follow-up piece detailing the aftereffects of the unbeatable first listen hype.

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